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Our Values


At INSURBUCKS, we believe our best work is done by being honest, ethical, and accountable while treating others with respect. It requires ongoing effort and dedication to one's principles to build a reputation in the insurance industry for reliability and trustworthiness.


Transparency is crucial to our agency by building trust, fostering honest communication, and creating a positive culture. We value establishing clear expectations and fostering open communication - by doing so, it supports our pillars of integrity and trust.


Building trust takes time and effort, but it is worth it in establishing long-term relationships that will help a business grow and succeed. Our insurance agency values honesty and the credibility we continue to build with our customers and partners.

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

At INSURBUCKS, we understand that our insurance agents are the heart of our success. We are dedicated to providing them with the tools, resources, and ongoing training necessary to excel in their roles and deliver best in class service to your valued clients. We foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development, encouraging agents to reach their full potential.

We value integrity, transparency, and trust. We are committed to maintaining strong relationships with our agents and carrier partners built on mutual respect and open communication. By upholding the highest ethical standards and prioritizing the best interests of our agents, we establish long-lasting partnerships founded on trust and reliability.

The Best Agent Tools in the Business

Insurbucks on mobile and laptop screens

At INSURBUCKS, we never stop improving and are committed to providing our insurance agents with the most (and best) added value in the industry.

All your Medicare Resources in one spot! Links to insurance carrier portals, phone numbers, email address, and all the important information for each insurance carrier.

In depth training and access to our vast library of webinars.


Brian Fillweber | Insurbucks Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us

Join our team led by Brian Fillweber, a visionary health insurance leader with a strong background in technology and a proven track record of innovation.

With INSURBUCKS unique blend of expertise in health insurance and innovation, we have successfully streamlined processes, enhanced agent experiences and developed solutions to meet the evolving needs of agents and clients.

As a leader, INSURBUCKS fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous learning. Insurbucks believes in empowering agents with the tools and technology, equipping them to excel and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

When you join our team, you will have the opportunity to work alongside Insurbucks and a dynamic group of professionals who share a passion for innovation and a drive to make a positive impact on the health insurance industry.

If you are motivated, hardworking and a forward-thinking insurance agent who is eager to be part of a progressive team we invite you to join us. Together, we shape the future and create meaningful opportunities for our agents and communities.

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How we support Our Agents

The following list gives a brief glimpse into what we offer our agents at INSURBUCKS:

· No-Cost Online Insurance Enrollment Platform & CRM

· No-Cost Insurance Quoting Tool

· AEP/SEP Opportunities

· Top-Level Marketing Support

· Compliance Overview Available

· ACA 6-month Advance Available!

· Bonus Programs Available

· Life Insurance Contracts 100% Available!